Indian Corporate World is changing enormously. So are its perceptions and expectations from it. One of the major fallout of this entire churning and changing process is its lack of acceptance and the need to keep running Training Workshops for its employees.

Corporate today has overwhelmingly accepted the fact that Training Workshops have the ability to transform the employee’s attitude. These programs also help enhance employee skills and further update, and pleasantly refresh their productivity and well being.

As a result Corporate and Institutes (Who are shaping future managers) are looking for Personality Development and Soft Skills Trainers. In lieu of need and demand for Trainers, the availability of trainers is far less, which makes, training a highly employable, payable and a respectable career.

Today, an Executive Trainer in a corporate especially in Insurance, IT etc sector is drawing a minimum package of Rs. 5 lac annually. Freelance Trainers at various aviation Institutes, Call Centers are drawing Rs 1500/- for a two hours Class. Needless to say the scope is unlimited. In Corporate freelance Trainers are being paid anything between Rs 10,000- 50,000 per day.

The scope is even better for individuals who have done M.A. in Psychology or have passion for training, as they are not only appreciated and respected by the Industry but they are also easily able to relate with Training and its Modules.

Keeping in mind the demands of the Industry and Institutes for their requirement of Trainers, Institute of Personality, Stress, Spirituality Pvt Ltd is pleased to inform you, that we at IPSSR are running a 10 day Intensive Train the Trainer Workshop. This Train The Trainer Workshop, besides making you an effective and efficient trainer, will also unfold the limitless opportunity for you as a Trainer or a Freelance Trainer.

The Program will be conducted by eminent Trainers from the Industry.
Mr. Kapil Kakar a very well known figure in corporate as a trainer with more than 10 years of Experience shall be imparting the training. He has done Corporate Workshops for companies like, Indian Oil, State Trading Corporation of India, Samsung, CNN/IBN, Tata Chemicals, Aricent Technologies, Magus Customer Dialogue, Rathi Steel, FTDC etc. He writes for Times of India and has authored books, Secrets of success and Channelizing self for Success. He has trained more than 25000 people across India.

Train the Trainer 100 Hrs Workshop will cover the following :

Empowering Self

Mind and Its Potency
Programming Mind
Past Life Regression
Positive Attitude
Action Orientation

Neuro Lingusitic Programming

Meta Model
Milton Model

Non Verbal communication

Body Matching
Eye Movement

Emotional Quotient

Transaction Analysis
Counseling Techniques

Customer Orientation

Customer Focused Organization
What do Customers Want
Types of Customer Service
Customer Relation Style
Customer Retention
Process and Procedural

Selling Skills

Pacing and Rapport
Stimulating Emotions
3 C’s
Negotiation Techniques

Team Building

Team Dynamics
Teamwork and Team Leading
Delegation of Work
Dealing with Conflict
Understanding Individuals

Other things to be covered will include Motivation, Stress Management, Time Management, Business Etiquettes…