Inbound training is specialized training for the internal customers and executives that are now being outsourced by organizations for effective results.
We at IPSSR make customized programs according to the processes of the organization. Inbound training workshops are customer focused and behavior centric.

Our Training Workshop attempts to jettison defensiveness and negativism and, promote purpose and optimism in such a way that the individual spurs up the same confidence and energy level in others, as this is contagious. We conduct workshops on-

Emotional Intelligence Competencies
Leadership Techniques
Team Building
Behavioral Analysis
Business Communication
Conflict Management
Customer Orientation
Business Etiquette
Selling Skills
Interpersonal Effectiveness
Managing Self & others
Stress Management
Corporate Skills (Effective presentations, etiquette, meetings, public speaking)
Creative Problem Solving & Decision Making
Powers of Edification, Appreciation, Recognition & Networking
Time Management
Interview Skills


Outbound training activities help develop, sharpen and fine tune behavioral skills and qualities of a person. They help people get rid of their fears and bring out the hidden traits of personality. These activities form a great platform for confidence building, team bonding and personality enhancement.

We at IPSSR help identify and bring out these latent facets of ones personality. These outdoor games and learning help in the emergence of personal achievements and thus fulfilling a larger objective to meet organizational goals.

Contents included :
Spider Web
Burma Bridge
Cliff Jump
Nature Walk
Trust Fall
Indian Rope Magic


As we humans evolve, we mature and our level of understanding increases. We comprehend the value of sensitization and handling things intelligently. Gone are the days of dictatorship and dominance. In the prevailing times we need to view this paradigm shift closely and wholeheartedly. Soft Skills are the need of the hour which every organization is realizing and the sooner they realize the better is the productivity.

Soft- Skill training starts at the individual level where the individual acknowledges the need for sensitivity and empowering others. The mere presence of communicating with the right tone and words at the right time makes the response of another individual acknowledging and polite.

Soft Skill training improves the Quality of Work Life of employees, thereby raising their levels of productivity and satisfaction.

Since Soft Skills have become indispensable to any organization in this democratic setup where every individual has his own set of emotions and unique behavior, we at IPSSR Pvt Ltd have various soft skills training modules. These modules help in bringing desired changes in the employees and making them more sensitive to each other thereby working as a unit.


Indian Corporate World is changing enormously. So are its perceptions and expectations from it. One of the major fallout of this entire churning and changing process is its lack of acceptance and the need to keep running Training Workshops for its employees.

Corporate today has overwhelmingly accepted the fact that Training Workshops have the ability to transform the employee’s attitude. These programs also help enhance employee skills and further update, and pleasantly refresh their productivity and well being.

As a result Corporate and Institutes (Who are shaping future managers) are looking for Personality Development and Soft Skills Trainers. In lieu of need and demand for Trainers, the availability of trainers is far less, which makes, training a highly employable, payable and a respectable career.

Today, an Executive Trainer in a corporate especially in Insurance, IT etc sector is drawing a minimum package of Rs. 5 lac annually. Freelance Trainers at various aviation Institutes, Call Centers are drawing Rs 1500/- for a two hours Class. Needless to say the scope is unlimited. In Corporate freelance Trainers are being paid anything between Rs 10,000- 50,000 per day.

The scope is even better for individuals who have done M.A. in Psychology or have passion for training, as they are not only appreciated and respected by the Industry but they are also easily able to relate with Training and its Modules.

Keeping in mind the demands of the Industry and Institutes for their requirement of Trainers, Institute of Personality, Stress, Spirituality Pvt Ltd is pleased to inform you, that we at IPSSR are running a 10 day Intensive Train the Trainer Workshop. This Train The Trainer Workshop, besides making you an effective and efficient trainer, will also unfold the limitless opportunity for you as a Trainer or a Freelance Trainer.

The Program will be conducted by eminent Trainers from the Industry.
Mr. Kapil Kakar a very well known figure in corporate as a trainer with more than 10 years of Experience shall be imparting the training. He has done Corporate Workshops for companies like, Indian Oil, State Trading Corporation of India, Samsung, CNN/IBN, Tata Chemicals, Aricent Technologies, Magus Customer Dialogue, Rathi Steel, FTDC etc. He writes for Times of India and has authored books, Secrets of success and Channelizing self for Success. He has trained more than 25000 people across India.

Train the Trainer 100 Hrs Workshop will cover the following :

Empowering Self

Mind and Its Potency
Programming Mind
Past Life Regression
Positive Attitude
Action Orientation

Neuro Lingusitic Programming

Meta Model
Milton Model

Non Verbal communication

Body Matching
Eye Movement

Emotional Quotient

Transaction Analysis
Counseling Techniques

Customer Orientation

Customer Focused Organization
What do Customers Want
Types of Customer Service
Customer Relation Style
Customer Retention
Process and Procedural

Selling Skills

Pacing and Rapport
Stimulating Emotions
3 C’s
Negotiation Techniques

Team Building

Team Dynamics
Teamwork and Team Leading
Delegation of Work
Dealing with Conflict
Understanding Individuals

Other things to be covered will include Motivation, Stress Management, Time Management, Business Etiquettes…

Behavioral Training

Every organization has its own culture and way of looking at things even though, across any organization the common factor is Profitability, Research and excellent Customer Service. The underlying prerequisite for all these things is Behavior.

It is ones Behavior which, over a period of time, takes the shape of the attitude and vice versa, which further reflects in our lives resulting in organizational culture. One’s Attitude may be right but Behavior may be wrong concluding as no result.

Right Attitude + Wrong Behavior=Nothing

Right Attitude + Right Behavior=Everything

The Difference between Wrong and Right Behavior takes ones from Nothing to Everything. If one’s attitude is right therefore, one is very punctual, understanding, concerned, honest, etc. However if one is either emotionless or too aggressive and rude, one is bound to have lower productivity which is the last thing any organization wants. Therefore along with having a right attitude it is imperative to follow it up with right Behavior in order to function effectively.

We at IPSSR Pvt Ltd (IPSSR) help in converting the right attitude into right Behavior. We sensitize the participants to not just being fully involved in work but also understand the nuance of behavior which greatly influences the outcome.

Communication Training

Communication stands deeply rooted in human behavior. It involves both social and behavioral aspects. With increasing awareness in the corporate world, companies have identified the need of training in communication skills.

Improved communication skills not only helps people to communicate and negotiate better with their clients, but also helps in maintaining interpersonal relations at the workplace, thus reducing environmental pressure. Many accomplishments in business rests upon communication. It encompasses of the manner of speaking, active listening, body language as well as analytical skills.

The fact is that apart from the basic necessities, one needs to be equipped with habits for good communication skills, as this is what will make them a happy and successful social being.
In order to develop these habits, one needs to first acknowledge the fact that they need to improve communication skills from time to time. They need to take stock of the way they interact and the direction in which their work and personal relations are going. The only constant in life is change, and the more one accepts one’s strengths and works towards dealing with their shortcomings, especially in the area of communication skills, the better will be their interactions and increase their social popularity.

We at IPSSR help in building effective communication, enhance language skills along with listening skills.

Contents included :
Concept of Business Communication
Communication Flow
Barriers to Communication
Impact of Information technology
Assertive Communication
Emotional Communication
Persuasive Communication
Motivational Criticism
Responsibilities of a Listener
Transaction Analysis
Different ways of Responses (intonation)
Facial Expressions
Eye Contact
Hand Arm Gestures
Body Postures

Team Building Training

The basis of any organization is Team Building. Promoters come and go but an organization’s life is totally dependent on its teamwork. Team building ensures not only smooth functioning of any organization, but it also takes a step forward and strengthens the relationship with the clients as well. An organization can perform well if the people involved understand the essence of Team Building and are ready to do away with their individualistic approach. Teams are not built in a day but they are continually formed on the basis of leadership and sensitivity towards the co-workers and clients. We at IPSSR provide inbound and outbound experiential Team Building workshop, which leaves most people awestruck, and they are even more connected to their own selves and thereby to the team.

Contents included :
Team Dynamics
Team work and Team leading
Delegation of work and self Development.
Dealing with conflict
Understanding individuals
Assessment of training needs and Schedule of training.

Stress Training

Stress is a part of day-to-day living of every individual. College students may experience stress in meeting the academic demands, people on the job, businessmen may suffer work related stress as well as stress due to lack of self and family time, the home makers may experience stress in managing home affairs and domestic help.

The reasons for the stress differ from person to person. The stress people experience should not be necessarily treated as harmful. An optimum amount of stress can act as an energizer or a motivator and propel people towards meeting their objectives. But a high level of Stress can be a serious threat to the personality traits of the Individual and can cause physiological, psychological and social problems.

Stress health and well being are all connected. There are different types of stressors and can affect ones body and health.

Stress can be managed if we understand the reasons that cause stress and the level of stress. We should also try to estimate if we could bring about any change in the environment that can subsequently reduce stress.

We at IPSSR help you understand your stressors and your emotional and physical reactions to it. This is followed by ways to bring about a change to reduce the stress, moderating the emotional reactions and thus the physical reactions, leading to a psychologically fit and physiologically healthy state.

Selling Skill Training

Selling is as much a part of an organizations marketing strategy armory as advertising, promotion or any other technique. Often, selling is a final link in a long chain of contacts an organization makes with its market. These may involve public relations, press relations, advertising, sales promotion, etc. All these increase awareness and interest, moving s prospect nearer to the point of decision and purchase. Usually, only the personal, face to face, often one to one contact between the customer and the sales person actually produces business.

Selling is the vital catalyst to the process of successful business.

Contents included :
Importance of Opening and Developing of Call
Types of Customers
Sandwich & SPIN
Being Assumptive
Art of Persuading
Objection Handling

Psychometric Training

Psychological assessment tests help in assessing the individuals personality characteristics, attitudes, emotional intelligence and more with the help of scientific and standardized tests.

Some of the tests conducted by IPSSR included :

  • Personality Tests
  • Self concept Test
  • Intelligence and ability Tests
  • Creativity Test
  • Judgment Test
  • Frustration Test
  • Motivation Test
  • Value Test
  • problem solving Concept promotion Test
  • Aptitude Test
  • Stress Test
  • Emotional Intelligence test
  • Leadership Types
  • Sales Troika