Indian Corporate World is changing enormously. So are its perceptions and expectations from it. One of the major fallout of this entire churning and changing process is its lack of acceptance and the need to keep running Training Workshops for its employees.

Corporate today has overwhelmingly accepted the fact that Training Workshops have the ability to transform the employee’s attitude. These programs also help enhance employee skills and further update, and pleasantly refresh their productivity and well being.

As a result Corporate and Institutes (Who are shaping future managers) are looking for Personality Development and Soft Skills Trainers. In lieu of need and demand for Trainers, the availability of trainers is far less, which makes, training a highly employable, payable and a respectable career.

Today, an Executive Trainer in a corporate especially in Insurance, IT etc sector is drawing a minimum package of Rs. 5 lac annually. Freelance Trainers at various aviation Institutes, Call Centers are drawing Rs 1500/- for a two hours Class. Needless to say the scope is unlimited. In Corporate freelance Trainers are being paid anything between Rs 10,000- 50,000 per day.

The scope is even better for individuals who have done M.A. in Psychology or have passion for training, as they are not only appreciated and respected by the Industry but they are also easily able to relate with Training and its Modules.

Keeping in mind the demands of the Industry and Institutes for their requirement of Trainers, Institute of Personality, Stress, Spirituality Pvt Ltd is pleased to inform you, that we at IPSSR are running a 10 day Intensive Train the Trainer Workshop. This Train The Trainer Workshop, besides making you an effective and efficient trainer, will also unfold the limitless opportunity for you as a Trainer or a Freelance Trainer.

The Program will be conducted by eminent Trainers from the Industry.
Mr. Kapil Kakar a very well known figure in corporate as a trainer with more than 10 years of Experience shall be imparting the training. He has done Corporate Workshops for companies like, Indian Oil, State Trading Corporation of India, Samsung, CNN/IBN, Tata Chemicals, Aricent Technologies, Magus Customer Dialogue, Rathi Steel, FTDC etc. He writes for Times of India and has authored books, Secrets of success and Channelizing self for Success. He has trained more than 25000 people across India.

Train the Trainer 100 Hrs Workshop will cover the following :
Empowering Self

Mind and Its Potency
Programming Mind
Past Life Regression
Positive Attitude
Action Orientation

Neuro Lingusitic Programming

Meta Model
Milton Model

Non Verbal communication

Body Matching
Eye Movement

Emotional Quotient

Transaction Analysis
Counseling Techniques

Customer Orientation

Customer Focused Organization
What do Customers Want
Types of Customer Service
Customer Relation Style
Customer Retention
Process and Procedural

Selling Skills

Pacing and Rapport
Stimulating Emotions
3 C’s
Negotiation Techniques

Team Building

Team Dynamics
Teamwork and Team Leading
Delegation of Work
Dealing with Conflict
Understanding Individuals

Other things to be covered will include Motivation, Stress Management, Time Management, Business Etiquettes…


Dr.Ashish Johri (MBBS, Softskills Trainer)

I am a soft skills trainer with a medical background. I am currently co-ordinating an in-house soft skills training cell of one of the most reputed pvt. University in India which has recently launched its overseas campuses. I conduct soft skills trainings for MBA , Engineering, Journalism and Mass Communications students to make them industry ready.
I had the good fortune of attending a Train-the Trainer program by Dr. Kapil Kakar which proved to be an eye-opening and life turning event for me. What I liked most about Dr. Kapil Kakar and this TTT program was the unique way Dr. Kakar brought out the latent potential in me and put me on a path of self actualization. He is a true mentor and gives individual attention to all of this trainees. Despite having a very busy schedule, his support to his trainees continues endlessly,even after their Training Program is concluded, I am a living proof of that.
Given a chance, I would once again, gladly, be a part of his TTT even if I have attended it before.

Manjushri (Teacher & Trainer)

“The training done by Dr Kapil Kakar is excellent. The training provides an insight into one’s own powers and inherent strength which is very useful for developing the self confidence necessary to be a good trainer / good manager. The interactive and interesting style of facilitation, good examples and overall program is really very useful.
Thanks to Dr Kakar for facilitating the sessions for us”.

Pawan Chawla (Freelance Softskills Trainer)

“With a pleasing personality,smiling face and an ability to establish personal rapport, I was inspired when I met Dr. Kapil Kakar the very first time. Having attended his ‘Train The Trainer’ program and being associated with him for last two years,I can proudly announce that he teaches with power,conviction and feeling. Both the content and the methodology of his training programs form a solid foundation for effective communication. I highly recommend his remarkable ‘Train The Trainer’ program to all who are interested in personal excellence and successful living”

Khushali Gandhi (Psychologist & Behavioral Trainer)

“The Train the Trainer Program by Dr. Kapil Kakar has been an eye opening and immensely enriching experience. He has an eye for detail and great analysis skills. He trains people in a very unique manner, sharing a vast amount of knowledge and providing insight into various concepts. The Train the Trainer program has helped me broaden my perspective and taught me the art of continuous learning. I highly recommend this program to all those looking for personal enhancement and an achieving excellence”.

Ashwani Gaur – Founder of Synchronis, an end to end solutions provider in the human resource domain.

” I am more aware about myself and the ways in which I conduct myself in professional as well as personal situations. The concepts of different subjects were deep in nature but were explained beautifully by using real life scenarios. I felt I was in good hands and my learnings were not just about the subject matter, but also from the humane perspective.

Naveen Kumar – CEO of Emtech Foundation, a Microchip authorized training partner.

“I found this program at the very right time. The awareness and understanding of various about human behavior and personality, is unimaginable for me. The conviction and detailed explanation of the subject matter is commendable. The biggest take away for me is, it has helped me see things with scientific approach and bring greater realization to the conscious mind. Thanks to Dr. Kapil Kakar, as I have learnt to challenge myself and bring about a change.

Pallavi Kakar – Lead Trainer at a Real Estate Organization

“It was a fabulous experience to be a part of Train the Trainers program, especially due to Dr. Kakar’s sessions. The program has changed my attitude towards life. It is enriching not just skill wise but also the knowledge of the subject matter. Now I feel extremely confident to take more effective sessions where I train.”

Payal Chaddha – Corporate trainer and Counselor

“Its a One Stop Shop for anyone who wants to learn all about corporate training. Along with gaining more knowledge I have learnt how to use it in my training sessions. “

Nidhi Mehra – Counselling Psychologist

“An experiential journey of seeing the right kind of trainer and learning to be one. Thank you so much Kapil sir.”

Megha Saxena – Soft skills and Communication trainer – Aptara

“This training has helped me grow as a better person and a trainer. The workshop was very informative. I learnt a lot of new concepts and also clarification about many things.”

Mrs. Deepen Bhatia – Lead counselor – St. Columbus school

“Dr. Kapil Kakar is a very energeting and dynamic trainer. A sea of knowledge and thus very inspiring to his trainees to learn and grow. He is ever willing to share the knowledge and sincerely believes in empowering people.”

Malvika Varma – Psychotherapist and REBT specialist.

“The content was structured very well. Kapil sir’s sessions were the best and most exciting. It was on the whole a great learning experience and I’ll use it to the best I can!!”

Satish Kakani – Sr. Officer (HR), Training Center, IFFCO

“The content and sessions were very good. They were comletely relevant for all the people from the domain of HR/ Training. the activities were interesting and further helped understanding of the concepts.”