Corporate Training is all about effectively honing skills of the employees and help them nurture it.

In the contemporary world corporate training has become indispensable. Corporate Training is treated as a mandatory agenda for any corporate thereby, it is no more confined to large business houses nor is it treated as a mere dose of motivation and change. In present times, corporate training is seen as an essential catalyst that not only enables the corporate to understand the psychology of their employees but also brings about changes in their behavior and attitude.






  • “Dr. Kapil Kakar is a very energeting and dynamic trainer. A sea of knowledge and thus very inspiring to his trainees to learn and grow. He is ever willing to share the knowledge and sincerely believes in empowering people.”
  • “It was a fabulous experience to be a part of Train the Trainers program, especially due to Dr. Kakar’s sessions. The program has changed my attitude towards life. It is enriching not just skill wise but also the knowledge of the subject matter. Now I feel extremely confident to take more effective sessions where I train.”
  • “I found this program at the very right time. The awareness and understanding of various about human behavior and personality, is unimaginable for me. The conviction and detailed explanation of the subject matter is commendable. The biggest take away for me is, it has helped me see things with scientific approach and bring greater realization to the conscious mind. Thanks to Dr. Kapil Kakar, as I have learnt to challenge myself and bring about a change.
  • “With a pleasing personality,smiling face and an ability to establish personal rapport, I was inspired when I met Dr. Kapil Kakar the very first time. Having attended his ‘Train The Trainer’ program and being associated with him for last two years,I can proudly announce that he teaches with power,conviction and feeling. Both the content and the methodology of his training programs form a solid foundation for effective communication. I highly recommend his remarkable ‘Train The Trainer’ program to all who are interested in personal excellence and successful living”
  • “The training done by Dr Kapil Kakar is excellent. The training provides an insight into one’s own powers and inherent strength which is very useful for developing the self confidence necessary to be a good trainer / good manager. The interactive and interesting style of facilitation, good examples and overall program is really very useful. Thanks to Dr Kakar for facilitating the sessions for us”.

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